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Contract Shepherding & Troubleshooting
We offer an on farm service with practical help at busy times, during illness or holidays with, for example foot health and lambing, and a trouble shooting service. 
Based in Dorset we also have a network of tried , tested and trusted contractors around the UK and can arrange scanning, shearing and lambing help. 
We also offer on farm FEC testing (worm counts) and practical ways to manage parasite control and animal health.
Conservation & Biodiversity
 Whether you need advice around           agri-environment schemes, whole farm conservation planning or specific species and habitats our experience and network can help. We take a whole farm approach so that environmental considerations work hand in hand with your farming venture, benefiting both biodiversity and your business.
We also look at increasing soil microbial activity to increase pasture productivity

Business Plans & Diversification
Experienced in farm business planning we have successfully drawn up and submitted plans for start ups, funding and diversification, both for themselves and others.
From meat box schemes to tourism, dairy enterprises to fibre initiatives and on farm workshops we have the experience to advise and help with financial planning and issues around environmental health and other considerations.
We can also plan the best and most innovative marketing strategies to make sure your plan succeeds.  
We can advise with financial planning for both new and existing enterprises.

Pasture management
& Soil Health
Improving soil health and pasture are inextricably linked to stock health, productivity and profit. We can assess and advise on improvements which will help your business.
We can help you draw up and implement grazing plans which fully take into account the needs of your stock and your available grazing, nutrient budget plans to ensure optimum pasture health,  and advise around leys and oversowing where necessary.

Woodland management , Agroforestry & Hedgerow planting
With experience ranging from managing  existing woodland, to coppicing, thinning and planting for woodlands, hedgerows and agroforestry, we can help your existing and developing woodland.
We can also advise around choosing and sourcing the best species for purpose and soil type, spacing , new planting protection in woodlands , agroforestry and hedge creation.
Planting on your farm can benefit not just the bigger picture with regard to carbon sequestration , but also offer benefits to your soil , give shelter for your stock and increase wildlife biodiversity.

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